About Me

Hi, I’m Derek.

I started post secondary studies at the University of Alberta in 2009. After changing faculties twice (Phys Ed & ALES), I have since discovered my love for Computing Science. I am also a multi-sport athlete starting with hockey at a young age, then High School and Varsity Football. After moving on from those sports, I developed a great passion for Triathlon, Bike Racing, and Endurance Running after joining the University of Alberta Triathlon Club in 2011.

Following my first eight months of training I began my first season of endurance racing with relatively good results. I have since taken over as the Head Coach with the U of A Triathlon Club for the second consecutive year, which is a volunteer position.  I am gearing up for my third summer of racing and am looking forward to seeing just how far I can push myself with the experience and training I now have under my belt. From a coaching perspective, I hope to use those same gains to see just how much of an impact I can continue to make in other people’s lives as I help them achieve their own goals be it in racing or achieving a healthier, happier, lifestyle. Although I am focusing primarily on bike racing this next summer, I am looking to beat the 4:45 barrier at the Half-Ironman distance after doing Great White North this last summer in a time of 4:55, beating my sub-five hour goal.

I love cooking. I own more cookbooks then I know what to do with and receive great satisfaction out of experimenting in the kitchen. I try my best to find and create great tasting, healthy, cheap to make and easy to cook, recipes which I often post on this blog in hope that it will inspire other students to conduct their own experiments and adventures in the kitchen.

After graduating in April 2015, I plan on going wherever life takes me to fulfil my goal of becoming a successful a technology based entrepreneur. Hopefully that is a place where I can bike year round.

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