Creating Symfony2 Unit Tests outside of PHPUnit

The latest framework I’ve begun to experiment with is Symfony2 for PHP. At Mover we’ve integrated a few of Symfony’s modules for various bits and pieces of our internal tooling and since I’ve been rather impressed with what we’ve used so far I figured I’d give the entire framework itself a shot.¬†As such, I’ve set out to create my first web project utilizing what seems to be a pretty well documented, explained, and exampled system.

However, I came across my first real hiccup rather shortly as a result of wanting to make my Symfony project testable outside of the defacto testing standard that is PHPUnit. As of right now I am powering my tests with Matura, a really neat test framework that a colleague of mine wrote in which I am also evaluating and hoping to test for him in the process of this experiment. Anyway, if you are using Symfony’s pre-provided abstract class “WebTestCase” you can simply extend it and Voila, you’ve got access to Symfony’s internal workings and you’re writing PHPUnit tests.

Long story short, I dove into that code, ripped out the basic pieces I’ve needed so far and if you scroll down, you’ll see the end result. A little bootstrapper class which is essentially just the Symfony bits with the PHPUnit logic ripped out.

Hopefully you find that useful, if not an alright starting point for creating your own non-PHPUnit Symfony unit tests.