Dealing With Runner’s Knee and Other Past Injuries

Well, I’ve done it again. I’ve managed to give myself another injury caused by running.

Back in November, I suffered intense pain in my outer arch, but only when I ran. The culprit was a combination of two things. First, in my workouts I would run, and then ride the stationary bike. While riding, my calves had a tendency to cramp up. The problem with this is that tendons from your arches run up the back of your heel and into your lower calve muscle. So having tight calves, means tight tendons in your arches, which can easily become inflamed and cause a lot of problems. The second problem was I was running on old shoes. While I hadn’t put a whole lot of kilometers on my shoes,  they were about 3 years old and I had used them for cross training and weightlifting while I played football for the Bears. After replacing my shoes, taking about 2 weeks off, and continually doing calf stretches I was back to normal. I found the best time to do the calf stretches was while I was in the shower. The hot water helped them to relax, and instead of standing there like an idiot trying to wake up, I made the most out of my time.

In February, I suffered from a different kind of arch pain. This time it was on the inner arches and was a result of running a half marathon in slippery snow. My physiotherapist said it was a result of my toes clinching in my shoes for stability mixed with 21.1km of hard running. The pain was most prominent when I ran or if I went up on my tippy toes. To fix this, I did calf stretches and I used a tennis ball to roll out my arches. This hurt a fair amount, but it worked.

Now that those have gone away and I have begun to run longer distances at faster speeds more comfortably, I have self-prescribed myself with Runner’s knee. This site had a great set of tools to help do a basic diagnosis of what you might be suffering from. I am suffering from pain in the outer knee that goes away unless I am running. It normally really flares up over 10km. I found a good YouTube, posted below, that I’m going to follow to try and fix it. If not I guess I’m off to the physio again to help her pay for her trip to Paris.

Being just under 2 month’s out from the Fast Trax 30k Ultra Trail Run, I’m really hoping this goes away soon so I can get some good distance/speed training in.


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